AECTL offers a wide range of embedded training courses in Bangalore. We provide Advanced Embedded System and IOT Training in processors such as 8051, Communication Protocols, ARM Cortex, Iot, Python, Arduino and others. . Our workshops and classrooms are equipped with the latest software and programming modules that are favoured by the industry. Our course modules are designed to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the student skill set by preparing the students to take on professional challenges once they finish their course.

The study sessions/ classes are conducted by highly trained faculty, who have over eight years of experience working in some of the top MNCs in the city. Having experienced faculty enables the students to get an insight into the expectations and work culture at the real world establishments.

Our training module comprises of hands on experience, and focuses on theoretical knowledge. This method of training allows our students to gain a sound knowledge on the working principles and also gives them a greater scope to effectively address any contingencies with their projects. During their time with us, the students get to work on project, along with numerous internal assessment tests that enables them to assess their progress and make necessary changes in order to excel at embedded systems.

With exposure to the latest technologies, our students will have an opportunity to work with modern systems, thus giving them a head start in learning new aspects of the embedded systems designs. The primary objective of our course is to ensure that our students gain an insightful understanding of the embedded systems and their necessity in the modern day society.

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