A final year project in engineering studies holds the key to a student’s final preparation as a debutant professional. This is a chance for students to brush up their concepts—both theoretical and practical, and widen the ambit of their knowledge in application. Thus a final year project offered by any institute should address the full set of skills an engineer must possess and cover up the deficiencies in the process of learning by a student.

As AECTL strongly emphasizes upon “hands-on expertise”, we offer our final year students a gamut of choices which would help them in their professional life. Our experienced faculty and top class infrastructure help the student to learn and grow while working on their final year projects. The students are placed in situations simulating real world professional challenges and the techniques used involve the right blend of theory and practical training. We have trained over 2000 students since 2009 and our training modules are constantly evolving according to the trends of demands in contemporary industries. Following are the final year project topics in Embedded Systems and IEEE that students can opt for:

Embedded Systems Final Year Project topics –

  • IEEE robotics projects
  • IEEE zigbee projects
  • IEEE projects on bluetooth
  • IEEE home automation
  • IEEE projects on industrial automation
  • IEEE projects on Vehical automation
  • IEEE rfid projects
  • IEEE gsm based projects
  • GPS based IEEE projects
  • CAN based IEEE projects
  • IEEE projects GPRS
  • IEEE GPS projects
  • IEEE solar energy projects
  • IEEE robotic arm project
  • arm based IEEE projects
  • pic microcontroller based IEEE projects
  • arduino based IEEE projects
  • raspberry pi based IEEE projects
  • IEEE projects based on 8051 microcontroller

These IEEE Final Year Projects are offered to students with the following backgrounds:

  • B.Tech/B.E (Electronics and Communication)
  • B.Tech/B.E (Electrical and Electronics)
  • B.Tech/B.E(Instrumentation Control)
  • B.Tech/B.E(Telecommunication)
  • M.Tech/M.E ( Embedded)
  • M.Tech/M.E (Instrumentation Control)
  • M.Tech/M.E (Electronics and Communication)
  • M.Sc/B.Sc(Electronics and Communication)
  • M.Sc/B.Sc(Electrical and Electronics)
  • M.Sc/B.Sc(Instrumentation Control)
  • M.Sc / B.Sc (Telecommunication)

Milestones Achivements of AECTL Final Year Projects-

  • Our research projects have participated in various National and International Conferences and we take pride in saying that they have won prizes as well.
  • Industries have identified our projects as being at par with their requirements so our students have real time work experience while working on them.
  • We have completed over 1000 projects for engineering students.